Intelligent Infrastructure

IT and automation are expanding the potential of infrastructure across the world. Solutions for sustainable power distribution, efficient traffic systems and efficient, intelligent buildings are becoming more flexible and adaptable to new conditions.

A key factor in the development of modern cities is an integrated, digital infrastructure. Software – both standalone and embedded – is an integral part of almost every Siemens product. With our know-how, we can intelligently manage the masses of data generated along the entire infrastructure value chain, helping to interpret data correctly. The automation of infrastructure leads to increased efficiency, lower operational costs, and a reduced environmental footprint.

Across the world, comprehensive infrastructure solutions already help city planning, contributing to cities that are more sustainable, resilient and accessible. Integrated systems and automated technologies such as smart grids, intelligent buildings and mobility solutions to keep people on the move help to create a smart infrastructure built to last. Solutions from Siemens are helping to create metropolitan areas worth living in - places where people can enjoy a high quality of life.

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Infrastructure is the backbone of a city’s economy, and urban development projects help to create a livable, sustainable, smart city. With automated and intelligent infrastructure technologies, Siemens’ expertise is helping to integrate hardware and software that work holistically, to improve quality of life, capacity and efficiency in metropolitan areas. Find out more about our projects and success stories in our video.

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