Good control of the flow when Gevalia hankers for efficiency

High degree of automation, digitalization and integration of master systems provides outstanding efficiency and traceability.


Where are all the people?

Gevalia roasting factory in Gävle, Sweden was seeking efficient production.

This tends to be the first question from visitors to the Gevalia roasting factory in Gävle. Sweden’s largest coffee roasting factory is at the forefront of automation. “We must have an efficient production,” says David Holfve, Quality and Business Development Manager at the Gevalia factory.

The factory in Gävle is so cost-effective that they are now also making espresso after receiving a request from the home of espresso, Italy. “It is cheaper to produce here. Because we have a high degree of integration with master systems, we have dispensed with many manual steps such as managing recipes manually and counting the production with paper and pen. This saves time and reduces the risk of errors,” says Lars Rehnqvist, Integration and Engineering Specialist at Jacobs Douwe Egberts.


Made to order

Simatic IT downloads orders to the automation system and sends financial reporting to SAP.

 daily planning is performed in Simatic IT which downloads orders to the automation system and sends financial reporting to SAP. “You receive an order to take in raw coffee, an order to roast and an order to make the finished product.

All orders generate some form of movement in the automation system and move between different warehouse locations in SAP. Simatic IT has dispensed with a great amount of manual work, as the orders are now entered automatically. In the system, you see which containers are to be entered, which orders are produced and what has been consumed,” explains Lars Rehnqvist.


“For us, efficiency and uptime are paramount“

“For us, efficiency and uptime are paramount“

To operate the flows in the factory in the best way, Simatic Route Control, integrated in Simatic PCS 7, is used, which controls, logs and summarises how much is moved. Route Control is a path allocation system which has smart control over all possible paths and which materials, dry as well as liquid, are transported where.

It is like a GPS for process control; if there is a problem on any path, the material can be steered to a different path automatically. Everything is weighed at all times with the Siwarex wave modules. “Route Control tells each of the weight kits to start and ensures that switches, dampers and valves are automatically reset. This consists of hundreds of inputs and outputs.


The trick to an efficient and quality production is to keep track of all the ingredients of various materials. What type of raw coffee do we have, which containers, when has what been produced? How old is it, when can it be roasted? Various parameters such as roast colour, moisture content and durability must be kept in order.

With Simatic IT, which handles all orders and recipes, we can keep what we promise, i.e. deliver the correct item at the correct cost. And that is how we achieve traceability,” says Lars Rehnqvist. Should you, despite rigorous quality tests, receive a complaint, you can search backwards and see which container the raw coffee comes from the time it was produced.


Manufacturing Operations Management Software: Simatic IT (Manufacturing Execution System)
Process control system: Simatic PCS 7 including Simatic Route Control
Soft-plc: Simatic Microbox PC with DCC/DCO interface software and batch engine
HMI: Simatic Multi Panels
Bus communication: Profinet
Network communication: network switches Scalance X308-2, IE/AS-i Link PN IO
Power supply: Sitop Power, Sitop UPS500S, AS-i Power
Wave modules: Siwarex