Digitale energiløsninger

Stigende energiforbruk og mangel på ressurser utgjør et alvorlig problem for klimaet og fremtidens befolkning. Det stiller krav til smartere bruk av energi, mer effektiv energiproduksjon og intelligent energiforsyning.

Digitale energiløsninger i Norden

Siemens Wind Power diagnostics center in Brande.jpg

Enhanced Turbine Performance with Digitalization

One of the most advanced remote diagnostic and monitoring capabilities is found at the Wind Power Diagnostics Center in Brande, Denmark. Each day over 200 gigabytes of data is collected from more than 10,000 Siemens wind turbines worldwide.

The Digital Story of Building Technologies in Sweden

We live in an exciting age where buildings and cities are becoming increasingly smart. Today all the systems in your buildings can be connected. This means your buildings are actually capable of talking to you, but are you listening?

Intelligent elnet

One of the biggest Smart Grid projects in Europe

There’s more to sustainable energy than just saving electricity. That’s why the Smart Grid EcoGrid pilot project on the Danish island of Bornholm is using Siemens technology to determine how electricity demand can be adjusted to match supply.