The Digital Story of Building Technologies in Sweden

We live in an exciting age where buildings and cities are becoming increasingly smart.. Today all the systems in your buildings can be connected. It’s an age of Digitalization. This means your buildings are actually capable of talking to you, and can tell you every little thing about themselves… but are you listening?

Buildings create large quantities of digital data, most not even used today. Below are a few stories that tells the Building Technologies Digi-story to date, solutions that are already in place and where digitalisation makes it possible to turn big data into smart data with true cost and environmental savings, optimisations and preventative maintenance of buildings as a result.


Example: The city of Vellinge

Building modernization with Energy Saving Performance Contracting

The city of Vellinge in southern Sweden has 33,000 inhabitants and owns real estate on a building area of over 100,000 m2.  Energy savings and cost reductions needed to be realized in 36 office buildings, schools, retirement homes, and swimming pools. The corresponding energy modernization measures were to be cost-neutral.


As a part of their Energy Saving Performance Contracting, Siemens equipped the real estate with the intelligent building automation and control system. The manufacturer’s investment in the modernization will be refinanced through the contractually guaranteed energy cost savings within ten years.

In addition, Siemens is responsible for energy monitoring and controlling of the systems. The Advantage Service Center in Malmö monitors all measurement points of energy flows and analyzes all information necessary for efficiency evaluation and enhancement.


The municipal buildings are now extremely energy-efficient, annual saving of over 30% and more than 3500 ton of CO2 . Thanks to energy monitoring and controlling, potential for additional energy savings can be continuously found and tapped.