DC Traction Supply

The SITRAS® is a thyristor controlled converter with a modular construction designed for DC traction application. The SITRAS® is available as rectifier (TCR), inverter (TCI) and converter (TCC, both rectifier and inverter). SITRAS® is design for 750 and 1500 V systems with power ratings from 1 to 5 MW (according IEC146-Cl.5). The modular construction results in flexible customer design resulting in many variants.

The SITRAS®'s benefits are:


  • Short circuit proof

  • Overload proof

  • Both Touch Panel and light indication on front door showing operating mode

  • Both local and remote control

  • Remote control via bus or hardwired signals

  • Automatic restart if grid falls out

  • Automatic reconnection after short circuit


  • Fan cooled, with variable fan speed

  • Compact