THD Filters

Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) reducing passive filters are filters tuned at low impedance for certain frequencies. A nonlinear load in an Electrical power system will inject current harmonics into the system. This current will distort the system voltage, and add certain harmonic voltages to the fundamental harmonic voltage. When introducing a THD Filter to an electrical power system polutioned with harmonics, the filter will reduce the generated harmonic voltage by conwaying the injected harmonic currents through the filter.

The Standard THD Filters operates as a cleaning unit for a low voltage part of local system. For marine application a range adapted the most commonly used transformer are designed. Special designed filters for cleaning up total ship power systems are also designed. The intended use is in a system with diode and thyristor rectifiers as the main system load, where the rectifier introduces 6-, or 12-pulse interference.

The THD Filter is in compliance with all relevant safety regulations concerning filter systems for use in industry and offshore environment.