PEC has been involved in subsea projects since 1999. We have experience and knowledge in pressure exposed power electronic components.

Brief history

PES - Power Supply (1999-2007)

  • Developed in 1999 for supplying subsea downhole operation equipment

  • Severe testing concerning temperature cycling and vibration at DnV lab.

Converters for Sea Bed Logging. For EMGS
Operating down to 3000 m+

  • The Statoil offspring company emgs turned to Siemens PEC in 2002 when they needed experience and knowledge in power electronic for developing their signal source. And in short time the first prototype was ready for sea trial. The test was successful and Siemens PEC has been involved in developing all later systems for EMGS.

  • The main component in electromagnetic sea bed logging is the current source from PEC.

Partner in Sintef Subsea project 2007
"Electric power systems for subseaprocessing and transportation of oil and gas"

  • Development and qualification of equipment for subseapower supply.