SIVACON 8PT - The Versatile Low-Voltage Switchboard

The SIVACON low-voltage switchboard is the standard solution for building and industrial technology. SIVACON is tailored to the needs of the world market, i.e. it takes into account the call for standard solutions from a single source on the one hand and on the other for local production and the resulting advantages in terms of financing and procurement close to the plant. As a power distribution board, SIVACON is available throughout the world and can be used at all power levels up to 7400 A, as withdrawable as well as plug-in and fixed-mounted units.

Modular Technology
Every SIVACON is made exclusively from standardized and type-coded modules. All modules embrace a high quality conforming to Siemens design specifications. The multiple possibilities to combine the components fulfill every requirement. The exclusive use of high-quality Siemens
switchgear ensures a long service endurance and reliable operation.

  • Safety and proven quality for every system by type-testing

  • Siemens switchgear for reliable operation

  • Worldwide presence with local production

SIVACON offers advantages that set new standards - Totally Type-tested Switchboard (TTA)

  • Standardized busbar position at the top of the cubicle

  • Deep switchgear compartment for universal installation

  • Modular structure of device compartments

  • Single-front and back-to-back installation

  • Cable supply from above or below

SIVACON offers various range of external and internal protection

  • IP40, IP41, IP42 and IP54

  • Imternal Form 1 to 4b. Standards are 3a and 4b

Standards and specifications Type-tested switchgear and control gear assembly IEC 60439-1 (TTA)

Testing of response to internal faults (arcing faults) (690 V, 50 kA, 300 ms)
IEC 61641, IEC 60439 app.