Siemens BlueDrive Systems

Our drive systems make use of well proven and standardized Sinamics variable frequency drive program.

AC Drilling Drives and Propulsion Drives installed in offshore and marine environment.
BlueDrive is based on watercooled Inverters, diode rectifiers and control system mounted in SiCUBE cabinets.

Each converter unit may consist of:

  • Water-cooled diode rectifier (6- or 12-pulse)

  • Water-cooled Inverter (IGBT)

  • Pre-charging system

  • Control electronics

  • Protection and monitoring

  • Local operator panel

  • Braking choppers for top drive, draw work and tunnel thrusters

  • Standard degree of protection is IP21 (options available).

Water-Cooling skid
The Converter system (Rectifiers and Inverters) is water-cooled. Water-cooling systems may be integrated in individual Drives, in the common DC Bus Drilling Drives, or as individual skids.

BlueDrive Propulsion
BlueDrive Propulsion are BlueDrive Converters with special control and monitoring modules designed to satisfy the special needs for Marine operation of propulsion systems. They are delivered as separate drives to each motor, or as a Multidrives system supplying two or more propulsion motors.

  • Single drives from 800kW up to 4400kW

  • Multidrives systems with common DC link for main propulsion and thruster drives

  • Specially designed local operator panel

  • Freshwater cooling with water temperature up to 38°C.

  • Power limitation can be implemented as black out prevention.