World-class technology and innovation

How deep is it possible to drill for oil? Is it possible to make the metro more reliable at the same time as reducing its energy consumption? How can we resolve the power deficit? These are the sort of questions Siemens Power Electronics Centre in Trondheim seeks to answer.

We have more than 100 employees engaged in innovation and development of new solutions within power electronics. Today the Power Electronics Centre delivers advanced power supply systems and solutions worldwide, from the metro system in Oslo and major cities in the US to oil platforms built in the Far East and in operation all over the world.

Energy efficiency and focus on the environment

The primary focus is on energy-efficient and more environmentally friendly solutions, and the Power Electronics Centre works closely with The Foundation for Scientific and Industrial Research, Sintef, the Research Council of Norway, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NTNU and other technology companies in order always to remain at the cutting edge of development. The centre of expertise has been supplying solutions to the North Sea since the early days of the oil industry, and works with major Norwegian players such as Norsk Hydro and Statoil to develop technologies. We have developed drilling systems for the entire drilling process on oil platforms, and this remains one of the most important markets for our solutions. Reliable power supplies for controlling the processes are an essential precondition in this market. We have a market share of 60-70% in the North Sea for this type of power supply.

Simpler oil prospecting

One of the technology networks in Trondheim has resulted in extensive development cooperation in recent years. Together with the oil-prospecting company and stock exchange newcomer Electromagnetics Geoservices AS, EMGS we have developed the signal source for the equipment used in oil prospecting. The method is known as seabed logging and involves determining whether the seabed is concealing deposits of oil or gas. The oil companies save large sums of money by using this type of prospecting rather than establishing exploration wells at a cost of NOK 100-200 million. Within a short time EMGS has established itself as the world's leading player in seabed logging. Deliverables are subject to stringent requirements, both in terms of the environment and control.

Innovative environment

We collaborate with the smelting plant industry locally. The current focus of interest is advanced processes for pure silicon to be used in solar energy production, and this gives the Power Electronics Centre the opportunity to develop new solutions. Another major focus is subsea technology, which will be an important market for us in the future.

We are encountering ever-increasing competition from low-cost countries but, when it comes to power electronics solutions, our environment in Trondheim can compete on a global basis.