Marine Solutions

Siemens AS is among the world's leading suppliers of diesel-electric propulsion systems. Our solutions ensure operational benefits and give a strong contribution to lower fuel consumption and reduced emission of harmful greenhouse gases. As a supplier, Siemens AS is able to create a long-running cooperation with ship owners - to reduce vessel life-cycle costs - and at the same time help the yards to be more competitive. At Siemens you will get all components from the same manufacturer. Marine Section is responsible for the market in Norway, Sweden and Finland. We also follow up all Scandinavian ship owners globally, and sell our systems through the Siemens worldwide network.

Through synergies between the research and production facilities in Germany and Trondheim, we have developed unique products and system solutions. We also focus on using basic components from Siemens worldwide industrial concepts. Apart from this, we deliver products and system solutions for all types of winches and cranes, steering engines, loading and unloading systems with conveyer belts, compressors and cargo pumps.

Complete system solutions

To meet the market demand for more complete system solutions, we are not only supplying diesel-electric propulsion systems, but also integrated automation systems. Our new marine automation concept for , based on the world's most widely used automation system - SIMATIC - is already in operation on several vessels, and several more have been ordered. Together with our thruster control and joystick system, also based on SIMATIC, we are able to integrate and obtain unique communication between the major components in the concept. The advantage is a simple interface, reduced amount of signal cabling, and shorter commissioning time, installation time as well as easier operation. In order to be able to do all installation work onboard, we often cooperate with local installation companies.

Trend setting competence

Due to our proficiency in low-voltage diesel-electric propulsion systems, we have been selected as a global Centre of Competence within Siemens. Siemens designs and delivers equipment and systems to this market that communicate with each other to ensure optimal operation concepts for the vessel.

Worldwide service network

Together with the Siemens worldwide service network, we are able to provide service and spare parts delivery (retrofit) throughout the vessel's operational lifetime. Please use the links to our worldwide service organization.