- safe operation and maintenance

Siemens Marine Solutions can offer general and supplementary training for operating and maintenance on Siemens marine applications.

To ensure that our customers take full advantage of their diesel electrical propulsion system and contribute to safe operation of the vessel, Siemens has developed courses on how to operate, maintain and repair the Siemens installations. The training contains both theory and practical exercises to assure optimal performance and ease-of-use on daily basis. Having completed the course, participants will have the necessary knowledge to operate and conduct maintenance work in a safe and professional manner.

We believe highly skilled and well-trained personnel are important to the system availability and reliability, and a success factor for safe operation of the vessel.

Our training center consists of classrooms equipped with the same computers and consoles you will find on board the vessel. These models are used to reinforce the theoretical aspects of the training, by making the participants execute training tasks on our systems and products in operational and maintenance scenarios similar to their workplace.

At Siemens we are committed to ensure that you get the most out of your investments.

Siemens Marine Training