New diesel electric propulsion system


The BLUEDRIVE PlusC™ concept

Siemens has over many years created a wide portfolio and extensive competence within the field of power electronics and propulsion systems. By changing the conventional propulsion system configuration and implementing a total new control philosophy, the ultracompact BLUEDRIVE PlusC™ system is created. With this system a whole new set of possibilities and advantages opens.

Main benefits

  • Low emission of greenhouse gases

  • Low fuel consumption

  • Low investment cost compared to gas/dual fuel systems

  • Makes full utilization of SCR systems and reduced NOX emissions possible

  • Reduced maintenance cost on diesel engines

  • Increased life time of diesel engines, especially for high speed engines

  • Reduced space, volume and weight of the electrical system

  • Increased overall efficiency of the electric system

  • Clean power supply to all auxiliary consumers

  • No rectifier transformers

Variable speed operated diesel engines and load shifting

With the BLUEDRIVE PlusC™ electric propulsion system individual speed control of each engine over the whole engine speed region is possible. This even for full diesel electric vessels independent of synchronous speed. The control system will dynamically set the speed according to the at alltime optimal operational point of the engine. The BLUEDRIVE PlusC™ control system secures by this that the diesel engines are operating at the lowest possible specific fuel consumption (g/kWh). During DP operation the advantages are substantial as production and even spinning reserve can be realized with limited consumption, emission and maintenance cost. To lower the fuel consumption even more the system makes load shifting between the port and starboard part of the system possible.

Electric power system

The synchronous generators are designed to operate in the same speed and power range as the connected diesel-engine. Due to extended development of the power electronics the main drives unit BLUEDRIVE PlusC™ is created as a stand-alone integrated unit including the generator and bus-tie panel as well as the frequency converter controls for all thrusters and auxiliary drives. The unit provides as well clean power supply to all auxiliary consumers and all electronics are based on known and well proven technology. In addition to the operational advantages the new unit reduces footprint, volume and weight by at least 30 %.

Power station control system

The BLUEDRIVE PlusC™ unit is equipped with a integrated control system that realize all genset control, drives control and power management functionality within the unit itself. The speed and power of the diesel engines is controlled in correspondence with the total power consumption of the vessel. The electric system is only fed with active power from the generators; hence there is no circulating reactive power to handle. The speed and power characteristics of the diesel engine will be parameterized according to the selected diesel engine type. Integrated parts of the system is Power Management (PMS), Power Plant Protection (P3) and Generator Power Adaption Systems (GPA). All these systems are integrated in the integrated control system of the BLUEDRIVE PlusC™.